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Choosing a home for your livestock can be tough, a metal barn from ProStructures provides low maintenance costs, superior protection, and peace of mind. Our premium-quality buildings ensure secure and durable shelter for your horses or valuables. With unparalleled strength and reliability, our steel barns provide long-lasting protection. Choose ProStructures for unbeatable quality, long lasting protection, and a piece of mind.

Standard Features


Steel can withstand extreme weather conditions such as extreme sun exposure, heavy rain and high winds. Steel horse barns can be built to last and require very little maintenance.


Steel horse barns can be fire-resistant which can protect horses and other animals from fire. Steel barns are also less susceptible to termite or insect infestations. This can help protect your animals.


You can customize your steel horse barn to fit your needs. You have the option to choose the shape, size, and layout of your barn.


Steel barns for horses are more economical than wooden barns in terms of both initial construction costs as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

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